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Today's Gun News Headlines
From State, U.S. and Worldwide News Sources

Links to news sources may change or only be valid for 24 hours or less.


Tuesday Evening - 30 Nov
Gun traces on line at ATF
Heston to speak at Jewish Center
Washington Post: Brady law halts gun sales


Tuesday Morning - 30 Nov
Orange County gun show big draw
What goes around, comes around. New Orleans may be a defendent in their own gun lawsuit
You're safer at the office--media overplays workplace violence
Police officers on high tech firing line


Sunday Morning 28 Nov
Canadian government extends gun ban deadline another 13 months. A sign that Canadians aren't complying.
National gun fax poll a moneymaker for company


Saturday Morning 27 Nov
Rosie O'Donnell voted by E-Network audience as tackiest celebrity for attack on Tom Selleck

Thursday Morning 25
Fight over picture of girl sitting on cannon ends.

Wednesday Morning 24 Nov
N.C. school rifle raffle up to 1000 tickets sold and growing
More on Rosie O' Donnell leaving K-Mart...or K-Mart dumping Rosie
Denver Mayor calls for national gun control.  NRA says he's out of step with nation.

Tuesday Evening 23 Nov
LA Times: The question of gun ownership
Violent youth crime at decade low

Tuesday Morning 23 Nov
One in nine Florida lawmakers have CCW permits
FBI reports murder dropped 13% during first half of 1999

Monday Morning 22 Nov
High school rifle team draws fire
Experts astounded at first half 1999 crime rates - Big drop in violent crimes

Sunday Morning 21 Nov
L.A. County  'Celebrity gun and badge' program abused and on hold

Saturday Morning 20 Nov
London Ontario gun crimes up 35%
Ma. man arrested for  false statements in gun purchases.
Rosie says she's leaving K-Mart.  Insiders says K-Mart's dumping Rosie
Federal law introduced to repeal 1996 gun legislation

Friday Morning 19 Nov
Judge has "problems" with Miami-Dade County gun maker lawsuit
Private school's rifle raffle sales way up after media criticism

Thursday Evening 18 Nov
The top 25 organizations that influence Washington.  The NRA is number two
Gun related deaths plummet

Thursday Morning 18 Nov
Al Gore once wrote the military is 'Facist, Totalitarian'.
Sixties activist Angela Davis still advocates anarchy.  Calls for abolishment of prisons
Crime of the century?  They've got to be kidding
126 guns seized from convicted murderer on parole.  The queston that needs to be asked is why is he out of prison?
Pro-gun Democrat Joe Baca wins and moves on to Washington, D.C.

 Thank you, to the California NRA for news links




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