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George W. Bush


On The Issues Gun Laws

Supports stronger enforcement of existing gun laws, would provide more

funding for aggressive gun law enforcement programs such as Project Exile in Richmond, Virginia

Supports automatic detention for kids who commit crimes with guns

Supports requiring instant background checks at gun shows by allowing gun show Promoters to access the instant check system on behalf of vendors

Supports law-abiding American's constitutional right to own guns to protect their families and home

Supports the current ban on automatic weapons

Supports banning juveniles from possession of semi-automatic "assault" weapons

Supports increasing the minimum age for possession of a handgun from 18 to 21

Supports banning the importation of foreign made, "high-capacity" ammunition clips

Supports voluntary safety locks

Opposes government mandated registration of all guns owned by law abiding citizens


John McCain


Q: Where does John McCain stand on banning guns?

A: I don't support gun bans or other measures that impinge on Constitutionally protected, individual rights -

including the Second Amendment right of Americans to own firearms.

Q: What is your overall view of gun control?

A: Bearing arms is a constitutionally protected right. With rights come responsibilities. I will continue to support effective, common sense measures that help keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, children and the mentally incompetent; that assure Second Amendment rights are exercised responsibly; and that do not preclude law-abiding citizens from the free exercise of their rights, including the right to protect themselves and their families.

Q: Where does John McCain stand on criminal "background checks" to purchase firearms?

A: I support background checks on firearm purchasers to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Q: What about exempting firearm sales at gun shows and pawnshops from background check requirements?

A: I believe instant background checks should be conducted for all commercial firearms sales, including gun shows and redemption of guns at pawnshops. I helped lead the fight in the Senate to assure such sales are covered.

Q: Where does John McCain stand on federally imposed "waiting periods" for firearm purchases?

A: I have opposed federally mandated "waiting periods" because criminal background checks can be done swiftly without imposing restrictions on law-abiding citizens. Instant checks are more effective than waiting periods because police can be dispatched immediately to apprehend a criminal who is trying to obtain a weapon at the point of sale. Moreover, I can't see how we can tell a law-abiding citizen who wants to purchase a firearm for the purpose of protecting his or her family that they must wait to exercise that right.

Q: Where does John McCain stand on trigger locks?

A: Again, with rights come responsibilities. Trigger locks should be used to protect children and stop intruders from using a firearm. I was pleased to lead the effort to ensure that trigger locks are sold with every firearm.

Q: What should we do to curb violent crime?

A: Vigorously enforce stiff penalties against those who use a firearm in the commission of a crime. (Federal prosecutions of gun offences are down). Promote responsible firearm ownership, operation and storage through education and training. Work to make obsolete the hate groups that fan the flame of violence in our society. Curb the gratuitous violence in the media that is desensitizing our culture to violence.


If you are thinking Gore or Bradley, Get ready to hand in your firearms.