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A couple of weeks ago there was a storm of controversy raised between TV talk host Rosie O'Donnell and her guest, Tom Selleck, who appeared on the former's show to plug a movie. But since Selleck had also recently completed the taping of some new National Rifle Association public service commercials, and since this was the waning period following the Littleton, Colo., school shootings, O'Donnell felt compelled to take Selleck to task on the air.

Seems as though Rosie -- though she films commercial spots for K-Mart, one of the country's leading firearms retailers -- was offended by Selleck's NRA affiliation and sought to admonish him for it in front of the studio audience. That kind of hypocrisy is typical of rabid, nonsensical liberals, and Rosie fits that category well.

On the other hand my editor, Joseph Farah, also took Mr. Selleck to task -- as he should have -- for the NRA spokesman's weak defense of his gun lobby affiliation. That's because my boss and I, as well as millions of you, are sick and tired of seeing pro-gun voices cower publicly before the galactically stupid over the issue of gun rights, which according to the Second Amendment shouldn't even be an "issue" in the first place.

In pondering my response to all of this, I received an email from an attorney and WorldNetDaily reader named Rick Vaughn who framed the debate much better than I could have done. I asked him for his permission to use his piece, and he granted it.

So, Ms. O'Donnell, using the words and thoughts of Mr. Vaughn, here is my take on your position of absurdity involving the gun debate:

Thanks, Rick. Millions of us who are seeing our gun rights frittered away by the eternally cowardly and shamefully political couldn't have said it better ourselves. And, considering that Ms. O'Donnell is refusing her invitation to the Tony Awards because she was scared off by a kidnapping threat last week, your words ought to be particularly sobering to scores of liberal Americans and, alas, Ms. O'Donnell herself.

Sadly, however, I predict neither she nor other rabid anti-gunners will ever get the point you're trying to make until they've been killed by some armed predator.

Then, of course, it will be too late.